Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA)

What is a seed library?
A seed library is a depository of seeds held in trust for the members of that library.  Members come to the library and borrow seed for their garden.  They grow the plants in their garden and at the end of the season, they leave a plant or two to 'go to seed.'  From those plants, they collect seeds and return the same amount of seed (or more) as they borrowed at the beginning of the growing season.  No cost for seeds.

What are some of the benefits of a seed library?
1.  Seed can be kept fresh by many people growing it out rather than one person who could not grow out a large variety of seeds every year.
2.  Over time the plants will change slightly in response to our local climate and soil and gradually through generations will become better seeds for our area.
3.  A seed library insures we can have a food supply that is reproducible and uncontaminated with unproved technology and is independent on non-local inputs:   open-pollinated seed will come true to the seeds planted, which guarantees our seeds are not from hybrids or Genetically Modified Organisms.
4.  Participants in a seed library become more attuned to and in tune with the natural cycle of the earth and find relief from the regimentation of an industrial society that has no respect for ebb and flow of a natural life that is cyclical and not linear. We protect our seed supply from intervention from Monsanto and other large corporations who wish to control most of our food supply and we cooperate with nature in carrying on valuable genetic material for future generations.  We become engaged in the full-cycle of gardening and life.

If you want more information, check out the SLOLA website,! 

Join now and participate in the forming of this new and exciting community action adventure.  You will become a better gardener and closer to your garden and other gardeners as you learn the process of growing for seeds and saving seeds.  It really does 'close the loop' of your garden from seed to shining seed.  :-) 

Join SLOLA - right now we have a $10 membership fee.  At this time, we imagine that this is a lifetime membership, but, having no history, we reserve the right to change it after we get down the road a bit. Hit the PayPal button below and you too can experience the thrill of declaring your independence from Monsanto and the rest of Big Seed; you and your family will eat wholesome clean food grown from seeds owned by humanity not some big for profit (and we don't care about anything else) seed company.