Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Give Up

That's A Pretty Big Tomato
I have read and been told "Tomatoes need 85°F minimum to set fruit - and the larger the fruit, the longer it has to be 85°F for the fruit to properly set." 

We have not been anywhere near that warm for any length of time and yet we have several plants with very large yellowish fruit.  These are over in the area where Venice High School students planted and  I've as yet, not found a tag to tell me what these are. But they are larger than I would expect considering the coolness of this season.  

There were a couple larger tomatoes on this plant and it's neighbor, but this is the biggest one I could get in a clear shot.  One of these biggies, looks like it might be about four pounds or more!  Still, if these large fruits need 85°F to set fruit, these fruits wouldn't be here.  

So I'm saying...  this must be a myth that we just disproved - or something else is happening.  Any ideas?

Gardening:  You learn something new everyday!