About Us

A garden, where one may enter in and forget the whole world, cannot be made in a week, nor a month, nor a year; it must be planned for, waited for and loved into being.
Chinese Proverb

The importance of plants in our existence is immeasurable, yet fewer and fewer people are connecting to the earth and nature in that way. Valuable medicinal herbs and foods are becoming extinct, and with them, the knowledge of how to organically grow, harvest and use them. The Learning Garden, a collaborative effort of Venice High School, Yo San Traditional Chinese Medicine School, Emperor’s College and the community, seeks to bring the knowledge back to the people, to educate them in the use of food and medicinal plants, and to act as a model to be recreated throughout the country, and the world.

Out of a vision of a garden that serves the community, The Learning Garden blossoms from what once was an underutilized, weedy portion of Venice High School into an outdoor learning center with hands on education in horticulture, permaculture, herbology, botany, nutrition, art, photography and environmental science. The Learning Garden not only beautifies the community, but serves as a place of peace and serenity in an often turbulent, concreted world.

The Chef’s Vegetable Garden serves as a classroom for teaching organic gardening techniques and nutrition for hundreds of high school students. The Learning Garden also proudly boasts of the California Native Garden and its Cactus and Succulent Garden, designed for year round color and splendor.

The Medicinal Herb Garden includes an amazing variety of Chinese, Ayurvedic, Native American, and homeopathic medicinal plants. Some of these plants are being grown for the first time in Southern California; we are literally writing the book on how to grow these healing herbs in our Mediterranean climate. Students of the various healing modalities are provided the opportunity to see these herbs up close and live and can learn how to grow and prepare them for use, while learning their healing attributes. As students propagate these necessary herbs, The Learning Garden becomes a plant and seed depository to assist other gardens in their development.

Tai Chi and Qigong classes are held on our tree shaded Chi Patio, a space of sublime peace away from the traffic and bustle of this urban setting. Many pause for some quiet reflection at our Meditation Garden with its waterfall and koi pond.

What happens at The Learning Garden is nothing short of a miracle – the synergism of many people coming together to build a community in a very real sense of the word. Join us!


Volunteer! Come out and put your hands into the Earth and plant, weed, guide young plants toward their ideal growth, mulch, compost, and set the stage for Mother Earth to do her thing. It is not just about food, ecology, and peace; our volunteers are changing the planet in very tangible ways: one hour, one square foot at a time with incomparable soul satisfaction.

Donate! Tax deductible donations may be sent to:
The Learning Garden
2454 Louella Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

Any amount, no matter how small or how large, will further our work bringing spirit and healing – the core of our mission – to heal individuals, to heal Venice High School, to heal Los Angeles…. to heal the Earth.

Our Garden is open 10 – 5 Wednesday – Sunday. We are also available at other daylight hours by special arrangements.

Join us for our pot luck every Friday at 12:30 pm. on any day you don't need to put on a heavier jacket!