Sunday, June 26, 2016

Organic Matter Into The Garden

Our almost completely cleared out driveway that was loaded with compost and wood chips!
We estimate that almost 140 cubic feet of compost went into the high school garden beds!

Those of you who had seen our driveway lately might be kind of shocked to see it so empty.  It took a crew of about 20 people to clear all that compost and wood chips out of our drive and put them all to work in the garden.  

More than half went into the high school students' beds raising the level of organic matter by inches.  Organic matter - in this case, compost that wasn't quite finished - is essential for the growth of good plants and it helps the soil sequester carbon - besides making for the sweet yummy stuff gardeners all over the world love to have in their garden!  

This work could not have been done without the 20+ volunteers that stepped up for The Learning Garden in the annual Day of Service that is put on by the Agape International Spiritual Center.  We count ourselves privileged to be able to participate year after year because these folks come out with the attitude that they are here to change the world - and they do change ours.  

Gardeners know, though it cannot be seen today, the work we did yesterday will be seen by the students when they return in August.  The soil we were able to cover with unfinished compost topped off with wood chips, will be moist and full of life while the areas that remain bare to the elements, will be chalky dry and difficult to work.  The mulched areas will also be more free of weeds. 

Our volunteers got the majority of the high school beds covered in one day!  We'll get restocked with material and we'll go at the rest of the beds and try to have the entire high school garden area covered before school starts again.  

Thank you, Agape volunteers!  Your work was outstanding!  Thank you thank you thank you for your work, for your joy and for your willingness to take a tough project and do the work with laughter and enthusiasm!