Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gardenmaster Shed Break In

The lock still intact, the hasp bent but not broke, it was the screws pried from the wood that proved to be the weaker point as the thieves simply heaved them out of the door to gain entry to the Gardenmaster Office. 

Not so much a loss to the Garden, but for the third time the Gardenmaster shed has been broken into.  This time the criminals evidently knew there was a possibility of music instruments in there and sadly they were right.  Stolen items include the Gardenmaster's bass and guitar as well as several tool bags of music gear, items which wouldn't have been there had there not been an injured wrist the day of a band rehearsal last week and these were left to a time of less painful lifting. 

The culprits made a much bigger mess of the place by pulling out drawers and dumping the contents and doing the same to my other tool bags - like the grafting and sharpening bags that are used in teaching these subjects.  But the only things taken were music gear - not even a power drill and electric saws; our computer in there was too old to bother stealing and they left it and all sorts of other tools behind.  Total loss is in the neighborhood of $2000, but the biggest loss is the heartbreak.  

At least that will be healed with time and a spirit, a determination and creativity cannot be stolen.  Looking for a good used acoustic/electric bass, preferring an Epiphone Natural El Capitan with a cutaway (they don't make 'em anymore).


Friday, May 14, 2010

It's True!

Not certain if it's a broken or not, but it's certainly painful!  Chasing the dog around the drive and he made a U-turn that I didn't.  Damn dog cheated using his lower center of gravity.  Actually, it was in front of the prostrate rosemary plants and I think I slipped on their detritus on the asphalt .

Anyway... it will slow us down but a bit!  I'll take lots of ibuprofen and keep it elevated - thanks to all those volunteers who keep us running with and without me! 

I had planned to be gone on Sunday anyway; I'll be out for a minute on Saturday AM to finish off some things I left hanging when I took my header, and I'll be back on regular schedule on Tuesday.  

Last Thursday's pickling didn't happen - I'm hoping we can do it this Thursday - I'm going to try out a new steam canner.   I saw this in operation last Fall and it's the cat's meow because it can do a lot more than just be a canner - and it's stainless steel!  Awesome! 


After this was posted, I did get a call from my doctor and the x-rays show no broken bones, just a bad sprain.  Two weeks - or so - in the brace.  Good news!