Friday, May 14, 2010

It's True!

Not certain if it's a broken or not, but it's certainly painful!  Chasing the dog around the drive and he made a U-turn that I didn't.  Damn dog cheated using his lower center of gravity.  Actually, it was in front of the prostrate rosemary plants and I think I slipped on their detritus on the asphalt .

Anyway... it will slow us down but a bit!  I'll take lots of ibuprofen and keep it elevated - thanks to all those volunteers who keep us running with and without me! 

I had planned to be gone on Sunday anyway; I'll be out for a minute on Saturday AM to finish off some things I left hanging when I took my header, and I'll be back on regular schedule on Tuesday.  

Last Thursday's pickling didn't happen - I'm hoping we can do it this Thursday - I'm going to try out a new steam canner.   I saw this in operation last Fall and it's the cat's meow because it can do a lot more than just be a canner - and it's stainless steel!  Awesome! 


After this was posted, I did get a call from my doctor and the x-rays show no broken bones, just a bad sprain.  Two weeks - or so - in the brace.  Good news!  

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