Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Calendar? Why Yes, We Have One!

Quick!! Mark Your Calendar!
Pesto on 'the hoof'

(Don't forget our weekly potluck, Friday, 12:30 to whenever the food's gone.  Bring a dish and enjoy food and lively, smart, conversation every Friday.  Food choices from red meat to vegan... mostly toward vegan...)

22 September – 2 to 5 Pesto Day returns – our longest running annual event! Shine up them tastebuds for the delightful experience of sliding some of our homemade pesto over 'em! Show up for a meal of pesto with pasta, Italian sausage and bread,and if you want more pesto, purchase your own jar of pesto to take home! $10 at the gate - come early while the servers are at their happiest!

29 September 9 to 1 Westside Produce Exchange – what do you have extra from your garden? Contact the Westside Produce Exchange people (through Facebookor email the Garden), and set yourself up to bring down your excess and trade it for other folks' excess. An amazingly simple proposition that hasn't been utilized as much as it could be. We've seen some mighty fine produce exchanged.

30 September – 1 to 5 Modern Backyard Food Production, UCLA Extension's course on growing food here in Los Angeles starts off again for the coming 12 weeks or so. Students get their own little plot at The Learning Garden and, while growing veggies and fruits are a big part of the course, we also explore keeping chickens and bees as well as what to do with the food you've grown. Enroll viaUCLA Extension, but do so quickly, the class shows every indication of filling up!

06 October – 10 to noon Growing Food in Southern California with our own Gardenmaster, David King, always good information about what to do in the coming month – we'll be planting garlic and transplanting some of your favorite winter veggies! And, as always, your questions will be answered with knowledge and humor – guaranteed to be the most fun and informative two gardening hours you'll get in the whole month!

14 October – 9 to when we sell out – The Learning Garden's Seed to Sale program has our booth at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market, with Venice High School Students presenting freshly cut culinary herbs from the garden. Included in the month's offerings will be sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary and others as they come on line. Always a good deal and your money supports more learning for more students at the Garden.

18 October – 6 to 9 PM – Gardenmaster David King is on a panel at a screening of Jeffrey Smith's movie, Genetic Roulette. The discussion will center on the movie and considerations on Proposition 37. At the Santa Monica Library, seeCooppertunty for more information.
20 October – 2:30 – 4:00 Seed Library Of Los Angeles monthly meeting – check out your winter veggies and check in seeds you might have saved from your summer crops and, as always, an educational and fun program to help you learn more seed saving and better gardening.
25 October - 6:30 to 8:00 PM Seed Saving 101 - this is the basic seed saving course for anyone interested in saving seeds.  Seed Saving, in the face of our government's unwillingness to legislate any control over the big ag multi-national corporations, is the ONLY way we can act, as individuals to ensure a safe food supply because **all** food begins with seeds.  Class runs three nights and it is a series - details at the Seed Library of Los Angeles web page.