Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer's Other Awesome Veggies

OK! We've planted tomatoes – now what? 

Summer has loads of other edibles and let's give them some attention! This month, take home some seeds of other veggies that love the heat and you'll love to eat! Greek salads to combine the tomatoes with cucumbers.... Peppers and zucchinis to pop on the grill... And that's just the beginning!

Van Gogh's The Sower

We will cover all the other summer crops and save water too! You can grow vegetables on considerably LESS water than lawns! As usual, dress to get dirty in a gardening sort of way and show up with your questions!

Class is April 4, 2015, 10 to Noon at The Learning Garden

David King, Gardenmaster of The Learning Garden, teaches gardening classes for UCLA Extension and writes (some say excessively) about growing food in Southern California.  He is also the Founding Chair of the Seed Library of Los Angeles and led the fight to make Los Angeles a GMO Free Zone.  A gardener for over 50 years, he has answers to your questions (and if he doesn't, he'll make something up!).  Entertaining and knowledgeable about almost every facet or gardening, the $20 for this class will be the best twenty bucks you spend on gardening!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break! Potluck Returns to Noon:30 This Week!


The dog has nothing to do with it!  It is, however, a cute picture, and in
beginner blogging class they say to always include a cute picture.
Tra la! 
Because of Spring Break at Venice High School THIS week, our famous potluck returns to its Noon:30 time frame. Saturday, April 3rd, bring something to eat (vegan or vegetarian is not required) and your own eating utensils, plate and cup. Bring enough to help feed about 8 and prepare to enjoy yourself with good food and interesting conversation!