Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rain On Our Potluck!

Rain on a broccoli, and the photographer and his camera, has moved today's potluck indoors to Sivananda Yoga Center, 13325 Beach Avenue, Marina del Rey, 90292.  Just south of Washington Blvd, between Redwood and Glencoe Avenues - half way down the block on the north side.

We are grateful for the rain - even when we get the 'negligible precipitation.'


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  1. less than a tenth of an inch. Still, it was one day we didn't have to water. And nothing beats a rain - we might be in our fourth drought year (and the Colorado River where we in LA get most of our water in its ELEVENTH year of drought), so let's keep conserving and resolve to do even more to conserve water in the coming year! I helped a friend install a shower with a cut off so one can turn the water off for a minute (while soaping up) and not change the temperature (VERY important!). That saves water. Shower in under five minutes, from water on (to warm up) to done and out of the shower. Time yourself. Can you do it? I can make it in under five consistently. david