Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow! It's Like 80° Today, Man!

Ms. Turtle (several different groups of students have named her and I can never remember any of the names so to me she is simply, 'Ms. Turtle') has returned to the sunlight.  She is out sunning herself in the 80° heat we are experiencing today.  

Every fall/winter, Ms. Turtle causes a little bit of a freak out because she disappears quite suddenly.  She goes into hibernation, something we didn't know to begin with.  Slowly we have learned to respect her annual cycle, soon we'll find her out in the Garden trying to lay eggs.  Casey used to find her in different places.  He never tried to hurt her, but he would bark with a 'look-what-I-found' bark to alert us to something different in the Garden.

I was given a new straw hat last night and how convenient!  A fellow needs a new straw hat to be comfortable in this unseasonably warm day.  

Rain is forecast for the weekend, so this is not likely to last, it has however, totally pissed off the broccoli and they are bolting no matter how big or how small.  Yet, as I sit here on the shade of the Chi Patio, I am grateful for the warmth for a minute or two.  Guess you can figure out that the broccoli wasn't going to be the only thing available to eat for a time...  


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