Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Successful Morning for The Learning Garden (And Tre'!)

Tre' grabs a kiss from Olivia Wilde, star of many works and currently on the TV show 'House.'  Also in the picture, Kathy Kellogg Johnson and David King, The Learning Garden's Gardenmaster.  

Olivia and Kathy were out to The Learning Garden Friday, February 26th celebrating the gift of pallets of Kellogg's Garden Products (potting soil, cactus and palm mix, and various soil amendments) plus a donation of $1000 for the Venice High School students in the gardening and horticulture classes.  

Kathy and one of her company's representatives joined the Learning Garden community's potluck lunch at 12:30 - learning about the history of the Kellogg company was fascinating - and we hope they all come back for another visit soon to see how her company's products were used to grow food and teach the high school students the beauty of gardening.  

Guys, you can shake Tre's paw for a tax-deductible $5 donation!  


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