Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July!

A lovely bit of rhubarb pie is topped with a scoop of vanilla, a favorite flavor combination from growing up in Kansas! 

We'll post all of July's calendar soon, but we wanted to make sure you know about a few of the events happening this weekend.  

On July 3rd at 9 AM, we host our monthly series "What To Do & When To Do It - growing food in Southern California. This well received class covers all the gardening you need to know to grow your own veggies in Los Angeles.  Gardenmaster David King takes you through the basics on into his own master techniques of growing a good garden.  Never dull and monotone, the $25 spent on one of these classes is one of the best values for any class on anything anywhere!  

The next day, Sunday is the Fourth of July - and keeping with our tradition for the third year in a row, we are holding our Fourth of July Ice Cream Social.  We'll have several different flavors from the garden - no, not beet ice cream!  But fun flavors - like, oh, say apricot ice cream.  But some exotic and unusual ones too.  Games are played, like the raw egg toss or croquet.  Always a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon of the Fourth - we start serving at 2:00 and go until the ice cream runs out - or 5:00 PM - which ever comes first.  Bring a homemade pie, crumble or a fool and we'll give you a free plant!  

Now that's enough to keep you busy this weekend.  We'll post more soon on what else we've got on our calendar... SOON!  


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