Friday, February 4, 2011

This Saturday Is the Growing Food Class!

In a photo by Barbara Treves from last weekend's seminar, "Essentials of Vegetable Seed Saving," Gardenmaster David King holds a couple of screens for separating out chaff from seed that's being saved.

This Saturday, the usual first Saturday of the month class, Growing Food In Southern California meets in The Learning Garden on the Chi Patio from 9 AM to Noon.  We'll cover finishing off our cool season gardens and starting our tomatoes and basil for the coming hot months.  The weather should be absolutely delicious for gardening this weekend so we'll spend some time out in the garden planting and checking out the harvest from this last season!  If we have folks with fruit trees we'll show how to best prune fruit trees at this time of year and all the other tasks we need to get out of the way in our gardens!  Remember, if you want a good tomato, pepper and cucumber crop this year, now is the time to start and we'll show you exactly what works!

Class is $25 and you'll probably have some take home material from the class (plants, seeds or harvest!)  Hot tea and coffee will be served - bring your cup! 

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