Friday, November 18, 2011

November In The Learning Garden...

Happy 59th Old Boy!
Well, it's a bit late, but better late than never...  We've had several birthdays over these last few days, a lot in late October and earlier.  In the photo on hte left, between raindrops, we celebrated my 59th in the tool shed at the Garden!  A wonderful intimate (small space that tool shed!) gathering for the day.  The lovely lady at the right side of the photo is my sister, Edie Neiman.

But the month isn't over yet and so let's get everyone up to speed:  

19 November, 9-12 - Master Gardener Herb Machelender teams up with Steve Hofendahl of TreePeople to do another one of their fruit tree pruning classes and, as a bonus, The Learning Garden will get our fruit trees pruned!  

19 November, 11:30 Seed Library of Los Angeles Best Practices committee meets on the TLG patio getting ready for the following meeting of the Seed Library as a whole.  1:00PM Executive Committee for SLOLA meets on the patio, then at 2:30 PM the whole of SLOLA meets - Kathryn Brown will do a winter time checklist presentation

24 November 11 to 2:00PM The Learning Garden hosts our Annual Thanksgiving Brunch this coming Thursday (Thanksgiving Day).  We have turkey and mashed potatoes but hope you'll come with other fixins for our brunch; salads, vegetable sides, meatless alternatives; desserts, lots of desserts!  The  Learning Garden community hosts the clients and the staff of Program for Torture Victims in this wonderful community celebration of all that for which we are grateful. Food service starts at noon, but join us at 11 for socialization and meet one another.  Make a new friend or 'remake' an old one.

03 December 9 to noon, our monthly series of What To Do &; When To Do It meets in the Garden for the latest scoop on what to do in December.  It's $25 at the gate and the best deal in town for a garden class.  Not only is it informative, it's fun and you'll get to do a little gardening alongside the Gardenmaster!   

We'll have a Winter Solstice celebration in December as well as the Westside Produce Exchange one Saturday, so keep an eye out for the December list of to do's!

Happy Thanksgiving all!


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