Thursday, February 2, 2012

What To Do & When To Do It

You should take a class from this man!
...the workshop.  As opposed to the book.  As many folks know, Gardenmaster David King is writing a book called "Growing Food In Southern California; What To Do & When To Do It..."  This book is the result of teaching these classes for the last two years (we started the the classes in February 2010 - and he thought he'd have the book written by July... ha!)

So this is the continuing education series of these classes.  You get 2 hours of indepth gardening information, from some 50 years of experience and some advanced gardening techniques that probably rates as some of the most entertaining gardening classes you can take in Southern California!  Not only that, you are privvy to what will be in the book when it finally comes out!  

What To Do And When To Do It:  Growing Food In Southern California (we reverse the title for the classes)
Always the FIRST Saturday of the Month (unless it's a holiday); 
Always 10 to noon; $25 per one class, discount for multiple classes; 
Always hot tea and coffee (bring your own mug);& 
Always your free monthly handout of gardening in Los Angeles! 

Which is like nowhere else, and that's why you need this class!


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