Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pssst... Wanna Grow A Few Veggies?

The man who wrote the book... 

02 Febuary - from 10 to noon, the Gardenmaster tells all on Growing Food in Southern California, also called What To Do And When To Do It - this workshop takes you through February in YOUR garden.  All your gardening questions answered by someone who's been at this for more than 50 years; an excellent hand-out of your monthly gardening activities, a free plant or seeds every month! Get your hands dirty and learn the techniques of a real master gardener, from planting to recipes on how to use what you've grown.  

*  Got bugs? 
* How do you tell when it's done? 
* Are you over (or under) watering? 
** All this and so much more the first Saturday every month!**

The best gardening class in west Los Angeles and still only $20!  Pay via PayPal or pay at the gate.   

One Class or a Series

See you there!  

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