Wednesday, December 4, 2013

David King Gave Me Worms!

This Saturday is the last installment of the Growing Food in SoCal work shop with David King for 2013! As usual we run from 10 to noon, in the classroom (or on the patio) of The Learning Garden, at the intersection of Venice Blvd and Walgrove Avenue (enter on Walgrove). 

To get your New Garden Year off right, we are going to give away some  WORMS and teach you how to care for them.  WORMS are on a 'first come, first served basis;' we expect a good turn out for this and have only a limited amount of Red Wigglers to give. BRING A YOGURT OR COTTAGE CHEESE CONTAINER (not the 'single serving' size!) or something similar to take your worms and be prepared to make their bin in short order and give them some scraps or you could have dead worms on your hands.  Yuck! 

Everyone will learn how to care for their worms and how to make an inexpensive worm bin to keep them - they are perfect for apartment dwellers and others who can't have a real live compost pile!  Thye are easy to care for and keep recyclable material out of the waste stream.  And they make a wonderful fertilizer for your plants!  

On this last class of the year, we have a lot to cover – if it's as cold as they say, we'll have hot coffee and tea to help you stay warm.

As usual, $20 at the gate or in advance by PayPal to  Thanks!!!  

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