Monday, May 12, 2014

LA Interactive Kundalini Yoga Community Gathering/workshop ~*Outdoors" At The Learning Garden!

Bringing together communities / practices devoted to positive thought / intentions/ actions
Sat.  May 24 at The Learning Garden (enter on Walgrove at corner of Venice Blvd & Walgrove):  13000 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066. In Courtyard patio. Street Parking: 
$5  Requested love donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

Come join friends for another beautiful afternoon in this community garden, ~*Celebrating*~ & experiencing this practice, & connecting with wonderful people :) This month we’ll share, explore & celebrate positive practices/traditions/ communities parallel & synergistic to the practice & community of Kundalini Yoga, --especially the Interactive & White Tantric aspects!*~ 

As a symbolic celebration of this coming together, we'll of course do some Interactive, as well as regular, Kundalini Yoga:  We’ll do some in pairs, + facing into the circle:  With another awesome, magical class with *~Sat Devbir Singh*~(Donations go to ) while listening to his guided journey of words, music, & Tibetan Singing Bowls, --& sharing breath, chanting/singing, movements  or stillness (often while looking into each other’s eyes while holding hands, or leaning against each other’s backs) – Interactive Kundalini Yoga facilitates a space of being comfortable & able to celebrate just *being* with another person, & *just being* with oneself –without needing words:  And being able to be present to ones breath, & the needs of one’s body, *while* truly being present & connecting with another human being & enjoying it!.  Celebrating each other, building energy & having extra to share with our community! 

There are so seldom opportunities for us to connect as a community outside of classes, so we've set aside a more informal, relaxed space & open forum for people of all backgrounds to feel welcome to evolve new ideas for the community together, & people of all experience levels to share the practice; an especially welcoming space for beginners to try their 1st class!  . ***There will be chairs for people who need them & people of all ages & fitness levels participating.***

BRING:  Ideally *2* of the following: Yoga Mat, Blanket, beachtowel will do if that’s all u have…; Cushion if you need it; water; hat; sunscreen; snack if you need it; comfortable, flexible clothing

MENU (Drop in for whatever interests you):
12:30pm to 1:30pm:  
Group Therapeutic Massage Sharing Circle Fully Clothed:  4 People Massage 1 Person At Same Time (includes new massage therapy practices), --then they get up & give while next person lies down & receives.  A few easy techniques for people w/no experience in massage + ways to massage w/out tiring or straining yourself will also be taught.  Participants need to be willing to give as much massage as they receive, & comfortable giving & receiving massage from both genders.  Terrific practice & group activity to share at gatherings of friends & community, especially before physical activity or facing life’s challenges.  Learn it & share it!
1:30 -2:30pm:  
Interactive + some regular  Kundalini Yoga  Class w/~*Sat Devbir Singh*~
a.    1 Dance Of Universal Peace will be lead + some exploration of cocreating a Kundalini Yoga focused dance.
b.    Anyone is welcome to drop-in TEACH 15min of *Interactive*: Kundalini, AcroKundaliniYoga, Sattva Yoga, or Osho & receive part of the donations of the day if you teach w/out needing to correct yourself, ask for assistance, & we don’t need to add comments to insure the safety of the class J 
c.    Positive Practices Exercise Sharing Circle:  everyone is welcome to share an exercise or teaching of your favorite positive practice, especially those that equally include the body! ( Diana will lead an exercise demonstrating + sharing a bit about the connections between, & special gifts of, various positive practices/communities);
~*Afterwards hangout or explore community garden*~  Bring a snack or beverage to share if you like J

What is KUNDALINIi Yoga? How is it very different than other kinds of Yoga?:
Kundalini Yoga *simultaneously* combines chanting or singing with movement & postures, symbolism, dynamic breathing, & meditation focused on positive intentions/ energy/ actions, --to experience mind, body, spirit epiphany, connect with divine energy, & manifest peace for ourselves & the world. Like many other Yogas it centers the mind, helps rid back pain & stress, improves strength, flexibility & provides tools to reach & maintain optimal fitness while continuously expanding one’s ultimate fitness possibilities. Kundalini Yoga is especially known for increasing life energy & zest; therapeutic benefits for nervous system, improving immune system, ridding people from addiction, depression & insomnia; & releasing the spirit to flow freely. *Interactive* Kundalini Yoga is sometimes offered as part of workshops, but rarely ever offered in regular classes; we always do some: Enjoy an expansive, deeper, transcendent experience connecting with other human beings! 

     RSVP appreciated, welcome to  Drop in without RSVP  but please join our list (in case of last minute info) - this low volume email list/ messageboard is the best way to contact us.

Looking forward to sharing this, & connecting communities we love with new friends & new positive communities

~*Sat Nam*~

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