Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Fourth of July Ice Cream Social Is On The Fourth of July!

The Learning Garden has held an Ice Cream Social on the 4th of July for about eight years.  Every year, we have made ice cream and ices from local produce, trying to garner as much as we can from our own Garden first.  (We have always had Vanilla Ice Cream every year so obviously not everything comes from the Learning Garden, but every year we have sought to be as local as possible.)  

These flavors are posted to give you an idea of what we offer.  While mostly we have ice cream we always have a few non-dairy treats to enjoy (the plum sorbet has been a winner year in and year out!).  Here's the facts, ma'am:  it's from two to five on the 4th of July.  It's ten bucks to get an adult past our gatekeeper and children under twelve are $5 (I argued that they should cost more, but was over ruled) - and that lets you sample everything in the cooler.  If you bring a pie, a crumble or a fool (a crustless pie, I kid you not!) you will get a free plant. 

We will have music (from just jamming to a four piece band!) and games for one and all.  
So, you get ice cream, pies, cobblers and fools to sample, free games and music and interesting people to talk to.  Just think, have your fill of our food items, dash home for sugar off-load nap and head out to see some fireworks!  Your day is planned!  

See you about 2 - remember, we almost always sell out of the good ones - get here early!


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