Friday, September 24, 2010

60 Jars of Pesto and Still Counting!

Look at this nefarious vagrant!  Would you dare to buy a jar of pesto from him?  

Well, you should!  He's making The Learning Garden's famous pesto using basil harvested only minutes before being blended in with heirloom garlic (Spanish Roja), pine nuts, freshly ground pepper and freshly ground Parmesan cheese.  The resulting pesto has a substantial kick with a distinct aroma and flavor.  You can copy the recipe, but without our garlic and basil, your pesto will only be a shadow of the stuff we put out.  Just saying, you know?

Tomorrow, September 25th, is our 7th Annual Pesto Day.  For a mere $10 you get a plate of pasta with our famous pesto, salad, Italian sausage (or meatless if you prefer), a slice of Italian bread, a glass of fresh made lemonade and a dessert of some delight.  Hob knob with those in the know!  We will have some 60 odd jars of pesto for sale at $10 a pop too.  

Funds generated from this event will help The Learning Garden recover from the burglary that occurred just over a week ago. The damages, so far, have been assessed at something in the neighborhood of $4500; a huge hit to our budget.  If you've ever considered donating or helping a school garden at some time in the past, now would be an excellent time to step up and show you care. 

Shine up your tastebuds for our event,m 2-5 in The Learning Garden, entrance on Walgrove, just south of Venice Boulevard in the Mar Vista part of LA!  


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