Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet, Not Sour, Grapes

Wen-Chia Parker and I both took photos of these bunches of grapes from the central grape arbor in the Garden.  Her photo turned out so much better (another "I-phone vs. Blackberry" where the I-phone wins.)  This is her photo, easy to tell the difference because it's in focus....

It's ironic that this is the second Concord grape, a cutting off the first one - this plant has well outstripped its parent plant and has these bunches of grapes - the ones that are left after the ones we harvested and walked through the Garden munching on.  Concord grapes, the quintessential AMERICAN grape, bursts a sweetness into your mouth that fairly screams "I am a GRAPE!" and then the tartness, some would say bitterness of that purple skin.  I love the whole bite all the way through - except for the seeds.  I grew up on jelly made from Concord grapes (now that's a messy job!) and grape jelly is still a huge treat for me.  Maybe next year we'll have enough to make jelly?  

We have another grape, the name I'm not too certain about, but it is supposed to be exactly like a Concord only seedless - now, that's something I'm willing to wait for! 


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