Monday, June 13, 2011

Agape's Sacred Service Saturday Blesses The Learning Garden!

Agape Spiritual Center of Truth holds a Saturday each year to do service all over the Los Angeles area.  The Learning Garden has been on their list even before there was a Learning Garden at Venice High School!

June 11th was the date for Sacred Service Saturday this year and with our crew of volunteers, we got the Fiber Arts Garden ready to for summer planting; we started a new rose garden along Walgrove Avenue and we cleared pathways and weeded under a grove of tropical fruits.  All of these activities were done with gusto and love!  These things benefit The Learning Garden and further our intention to be a place of beauty and learning for the community in which we are located and to be a garden producing food, medicine and fiber to teach those who come here the importance of plants in everyday life. 

From the staff, volunteers and board of The Learning Garden, THANK YOU Agape and Earth Spirit Agape (their ministry for ecology and care of the planet) for your help in creating this place called The Learning Garden and helping us to be even more effective in serving our community!


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