Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Almost July!!

A Speckled  Roman Paste Tomato is almost ripe for picking and the official first BLT of the year!

June was such a happening month that we have yet to even consider July and yet, holy cow!  Here it is!  School is out but the Garden lives on and still needs tending. July will be ever bit as busy and we hope you'll find time to make it out to the Garden sometime in the coming month!  Here are some of our upcoming events - more will be added as I get the chance to read my email and respond to my phone calls!  

02 July  - Growing Food in Southern California - our monthly series taught by yours truly on, guess what? - growing food in Southern California.  From 9 to 12 we will cover all the things you need to do and will want to do in July to have a productive food garden in our part of the world.  If you've read the books from back east and England, you know we can't follow their directions!  We have to honor our climate and soils and this is the course that shows you how to do that!  $25 at the gate - reservations are not required.  Coffee and tea are served - bring your own cup!  

03 July - Beekeepers are showing up in their gear and others dressed as bees to the Mar Vista Farmers' Market in support of the Mar Vista Community Council push to legalize beekeeping in Mar Vista. Support your local beekeepers and help save the honey bees from ruination!

04 July - Time for our Fifth Annual Fourth of July Ice Cream Social!  Most of our flavors are from the Garden - favorites from the past are Meyer Lemon Ice Cream, Chocolate Mint (from our chocolate mint plants!), and plum sorbet!  Folks who bring a homemade pie, crisp or a fool (a crustless pie, I kid you not!) get a free plant - like a rosemary, rose, or even a fig or other fruit tree.  We fire up the grill, if you want a hot dog, BYOD and burn it to your own satisfaction.  $5 gets you in with a bowl for the ice creams of your choice!

10 July - the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA) meets on the patio at 2;30 - some committees hold their meetings before the regular full meeting.   Some changes this month:  the program will be before we conduct any business (a report on what seed school was like and what was learned there!) and then we will have seed check-out after taking care of a little business.  This time, some of our new varieties from the Native Seed/SEARCH collection will be offered for the first time.

Please note, the weekend of 15-17 July I-405 will be closed from I-10 to CA 101!  Local traffic is predicted to be snarled.  Of course, this was the same prediction for the 1984 Olympics when the predictions themselves caused a lot of folks to flee and resulted in optimal traffic for those who remained.  We think, therefore, this should be taken with an 'advisory caution' - your mileage my vary. Wildly. 

23 July - Victory Garden Evaluation Picnic - all instructors of the LA Victory Garden Initiative are invited to a potluck at The Learning Garden to evaluate the recent spring round of classes and hobnob with your contemporaries in this movement - learn from one another and Rachel Surls and Yvonne Savio.

24 July - 9 to 1 at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market - The Learning Garden has a booth of herbs and other garden delectables fresh from the Garden.  Come out and get cher goodies!  You cannot get them fresher without growing them yourself!

Still to come:  Dates for Westside Produce Exchange and Our TImebank and a listing for the showing of Vanishing of the Bees in support of Mar Vista's initiative to become the first part of Los Angeles to legalize bees in the city! So watch for updates!

The Gardenmaster

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