Thursday, November 1, 2012

November's Calendar...

(Don't forget our weekly potluck, Friday, 12:30 to whenever the food's gone.  Bring a dish and enjoy food and lively, smart, conversation every Friday.  Food choices from red meat to vegan... mostly toward vegan...)

Now that the fall garden is in the ground and growing, let's reflect a little on the wonder of growing some of our food - Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and we invite you to come and share the bounty of your harvest before celebrating with your family.

03 November – 10 to noon Growing Food in Southern California, the 'What To Do And When To Do It Course' with our own Gardenmaster, David King, always good information about what to do in the coming month – we'll be covering compost and vermicomposting this month! And, as always, your questions will be answered with knowledge and humor – guaranteed to be the most fun and informative two gardening hours you'll get in the whole month! And now you can pay using PayPal! Save your space and do it now. $20 for one class or a series of six for $100, save yourself some dough.

One Class or a Series

10 November - Loyala Marymount Day of Service 9 AM to 3 PM - gardeners are needed to supervise and guide the progress of the volunteers... Please contact the Gardenmaster to report for service.  These kind of workdays are always uplifting and joyful - if you need a pick me up, come join us.

10 November  9 to 1  - Westside Produce Exchange - drop your extra veggies on the patio and Naomi and elfs replace the contents of your bag with veggies and goodies from the bags of other participants.  You can't just show up, though, all this takes a little thought - email Naomi and get on board.  

11 November - 9 to when we sell out – The Learning Garden's Seed to Sale program has our booth at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market, with Venice High School Students presenting freshly cut culinary herbs from the garden. Included in the month's offerings will be sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary and others as they come on line. Always a good deal and your money supports more learning for more students at the Garden.

17 November - 2:30 – 4:00 Seed Library Of Los Angeles
 monthly meeting – check out your winter veggies and check in seeds you might have saved from your summer crops and, as always, an educational and fun program to help you learn more seed saving and better gardening. More Info from the Seed Library.  This is the last official meeting this year - the Seed Library is 'dark' in December.

22 November - 11 to 2 - Thanksgiving.  The Learning Garden hosts the staff and clients of the Program for Torture Victims (LA) to our patio to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This holiday, imbued with gratitude and reflection of the blessings in our lives, resonates through the lives of everyone refusing to be confined by misfortune or circumstances of the past.  Join us for our early feast with enough time left to share in the celebration with your family and friends.  Our feast is all potluck, bring enough of your favorite dish for about 20 people.  We have a turkey and usually massive amounts of bread; we can use more of anything else!

Our last event of the year will be a Winter Solstice Ceremony on Friday, 21 December.  We have a fire pit and an 'ending of the year, welcoming of the new year' simple ceremony that doesn't involve getting dressed up, buying gifts or cooking complicated food:  You will find it heartwarming and a bit reflective.  Join us out of the hub bub of modern life.  


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