Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice At The Learning Garden

I have heard from friends in Australia this afternoon.  They are, of course, one day ahead of us in this hemisphere.  They report they are healthy and no evidence of the Apocalypse so it appears our annual Winter Solstice will be held as planned.*

We celebrate the Winter Solstice every year and this year our celebration is on the 21st at 6:30 PM.  Dress warmly, although we do have a fire, it is still one of the colder Decembers this year.  We will have End of The World (As We Know It - that song is running around in my head) Mayan Hot Chocolate - formerly known as Hot Chocolate That Kills or, as deemed by one of the Boy Scouts, "Adult Hot Chocolate."  Just to be clear, the 'adult' part was the spices, no booze involved then or now.  

We will say goodbye to the year that was and hello to the year that is arriving; for many and for us this is a renewing moment.  We have herbs you can burn and then we will sit around the fire and reflect on this not being the end of the world.  



* I watched a movie on Pearl Harbor the other night.  Produced in 1969, it flitted from the Japanese battle fleet to Pearl Harbor to other sites.  I was amazed at how ALL the clocks were synched to Honolulu time!  It was disconcerting as I felt like the film makers just had too little respect for a viewer's intelligence.

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