Thursday, December 27, 2012

Already, 2013! Our Calendar for January

At the Learning Garden, all of us trust your holidays were everything you'd hoped for and look forward to a new year with all the expectation of a kitten who has just heard can opener sounds in the kitchen.  Our new year starts off much like the last, but we're looking at life in a whole new way; letting go of the past and excited about our eleventh year of greening this corner of Walgrove Avenue and Venice Blvd.  If you've not been out for a bit, come on by, we are happy with our progress in so many different ways.

So get out your schedule and synch up with us in January:  

30 December - 9:00AM to 2:00 PM (yes, it's for 2012, but it's a late add and hasn't been publicized here before), Gardenmaster David King will be at the Mar Vista Green Committee's Green Tent at the Mar Vista Farmers' Market answering all the questions he can about what's bugging your garden.  Don't expect the same old ho hum advice either.  What some folks call 'post modern Organic,' is a different way to approach insects in your garden.  The Green Tent is  in the center of the market - listen for the big laugh.

05 January - from 10 to noon, the Gardenmaster holds forth on Growing Food in Southern California, also called What To Do And When To Do It - only $20 at the gate, this workshop takes you through January in the garden.  We'll talk about choosing fruit trees for our area and some of the pests we face and how to deal with them.  As usual, we'll have some give away plants and there will be plenty of time for your questions.  An improvement for the new year:  if there is inclement weather, we have an unheated room in the shade house to stay out of blustery winds or rain!  You may sign up at the door or pay in advance - one class or purchase a series at a discount!

One Class or a Series

19 January - 10 AM -Noon  Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson leads highly interactive, non-talky, exercises to accelerate your Plant Communicator skills. The context is Kinship with All Life. Focusing and practicing on feeling safe  with our own Inner Communicator, the one who can harmonize with plants, animals and people, participants will practice understanding plants on their terms. We will address plant disturbances with both strategy and tactics. Registration 9:30 AM,$25 at the door, $15 in advance.

19 January - 2:30 to 4:30 PM - First meeting of the new year for the Seed Library of Los Angeles - program to be announced, but you can check out and return seeds.  The inventory of seeds you may check out is posted here.

20 January 1:30 to 4:30 PM - UCLA Extension offers "Plant Propagation for Gardeners" which meets for 11 Sundays in the Winter Quarter: "This course emphasizes both the science and art of plant propagation. Learn the science behind plant propagation and then apply that knowledge by propagating a wide variety of plants. Hands-on exercises cover a multitude of propagation methodologies and demonstrate different tools and techniques. Participants practice these techniques in class to assimilate the art of propagation. Held at The Learning Garden at Venice High School," taught by our Gardenmaster - who says this is most fun class he teaches.  That says a LOT!  

02 February - and we are back at the next Growing Food in SoCal class, and don't look now, but someone wants a Valentine's Day present - will you be ours?


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