Thursday, December 27, 2012

Plant Communication: Practicing Kinship with All Life, A Workshop

A two-hour class at the Learning Garden, Sat. Jan 19th Reg. 9:30 am, class 10-Noon
Bring food for shared lunch! SLOLA* meeting at 2:30 PM
$25 at the door, $15 in advance
Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson leads highly interactive, non-talky, exercises to accelerate your Plant Communicator skills. The context is Kinship with All Life. We'll focus and practice on feeling safe again to hear our own Inner Communicator, the One who can harmonize with plants, animals and people.

We'll practice understanding plants on their terms and addressing plant disturbances with both strategy and tactics.

Gather with other plant communicators, increase your effectiveness solving garden problems with pests, soil conditions--anything to do with plants and trees.

We will do case studies and you can bring sick plants. Miracles not guaranteed while more understanding is!

Q: What are Best Practices in Plant Communication?
A: In general, healthy plants have a gentle upward flow of nutrients up from its roots, thru stems, and  up to the leaves. It's possible to feel and track this activity because we have it too. Stress interrupts this flow. It’s possible to measure this upward flow in your self. It's possible to play “20 questions” with the plant and learn what needs correcting.

Familiar with Findhorn, Jim Conroy’s Tree Whispering, or Machelle Small Wright's Perelandra Garden? This has similarities to all.
The main service we can perform for plants is: imagining plants’ optimal life flow, testing and tasting what disconnections exist, testing and tasting to discern disturbing causes, test again for solutions.
Bruce co-founded the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce and works as a Health Intuitive. He has 13 books on Amazon-Kindle on self-healing and Energy Detective topics. See 60 online articles on self-healing.

*Seed Library of Los Angeles

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